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The Perfect Storm

The Childhood of Alexander Hamilton

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Born an illegitimate child on a small island in the West Indies, Alexander Hamilton's tragic youth shaped his character, instilling in him a sense of honor, justice and an unrelenting drive to create his legacy.

This lecture explores the early influences that would propel him across the Caribbean Sea to the new world and place him in the center of the American Revolution.

The Little Lion Roars

Hamilton and the Revolution

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This lecture follows Alexander Hamilton's military years during the American Revolution, and his close professional and personal relationship to George Washington.

Rising from the Captain of an artillery company to the right hand of General Washington, Alexander Hamilton's military career in the continental army is a miraculous journey of brilliance, fortitude and courage unparalleled in the annals of American history.

The Federalist Period

Building a new nation

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In order to create a more perfect union, our nation's founders took the best ideas of ancient Greece and Rome, modern Europe and the Five Nations of Native Americans and blended them together to unite 13 separate countries into one.

We will discuss Alexander Hamilton's role as a delegate to the Continental Convention and the main author of the Federalist Papers, securing his role as the single greatest supporter of the U.S. Constitution. He would soon discover that the only task more difficult than creating a Republic would be to keep one.

Destined To Duel

Hamilton and Burr

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This lecture examines the psychological state of Hamilton and Burr from childhood to Revolutionaries, and will discuss the interactions between these two brilliant politicians as they struggle to leave a lasting mark in the new republic.

Discover how these two remarkable Founders of America — through blood, honor and political ambition — came to the dramatic conclusion that they must defend with their lives that which they supported with their pens.