Hamilton's New York

Great Fire

Hamilton's Wall Street

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Not even Pennsylvania Avenue invokes a greater image of power in the imagination than the concrete canyons of Wall Street.

The financial epicenter of American commerce and business, its very name seems too large to be contained on the short narrow street itself and instead has become a symbol of global finance.

Alexander Hamilton envisioned modern America and the seat of the nation's financial power more accurately than any other Founding Father. Creating the Bank of New York in 1784 and the First National Bank in 1790, he eventually restored national credit to a bankrupt country, and by doing so birthed America’s most critical financial systems. Hamilton's vision has defined Wall Street more than any other person in history to date.

This tour explores the city of New York in Hamilton's life, and the deep impression he left behind. As we uncover the secrets behind his inexhaustible drive and his unimaginable achievements, it explains his relentless effort to leave his bold impression on his adopted nation.

This tour will start at the Battery to recall the battles of the American Revolution and the toll New York paid for Independence during the war, and will describe how Hamilton rose from Captain of an artillery company to the right hand of Washington himself.

We will discuss the creation of the Federal Government of the United States as well as the 1st and 2nd Sessions of Congress and numerous other events that took place at Federal Hall. We will also visit Trinity Church to pay tribute and respect to the Hamilton's at their final resting place. The tour will end at Fraunces Tavern for a drink in one of Hamilton's old haunts. Join us as we celebrate the life and work of America's most accomplished and complex Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton's Harlem

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Hamilton's years in Harlem influenced him dramatically, yet also transformed forever Harlem itself as a community. Beginning with his outstanding military resilience in the face of insurmountable odds, through his last years of his life reeling from unimaginable personal loss and political expulsion, Alexander and Elizabeth both left their impression and spirits enshrined in the progression of the community.

This tour tells Hamilton's story from an intimate look into the life of the man himself, and the incredible work he achieved in his brief lifetime.

The tour will visit Hamilton Grange, the only home Alexander Hamilton ever owned. Here we will discuss Hamilton's tireless work after the war, his bitter battles with the other founders and the many victories he achieved as well as the groundswell of events leading up to the fateful "Interview in Weehawken".

We will also visit Morris - Jumel Mansion, George Washington's 1774 headquarters and later on, the home of Aaron Burr. Here we will delve into the childhood of both Hamilton and Burr, as well as the military exploits of the Revolutionary heroes that changed the course of human events for all time.

* Entry to Hamilton Grange and Morris - Jumel Mansion not included. Please visit their websites to find out about entry requirements or restrictions.

The Battle of Brooklyn

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Join Jimmy Napoli on this limited edition night tour focusing on the extraordinary events that took place in New York in 1776.

We will meet on the New York Common, the site of the Liberty Pole, and explain the lead up to the largest battle of the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Brooklyn.

Bring your camera for this tour, as we will walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and see the spectacular skyline of Manhattan as we make our way to Fulton's landing, the site of General Washington's legendary escape from the full force of the British army - and their ruthless mercenaries - giving the continental army the chance to fight another day, and denying King George a swift and bloody end to the war before it even truly began.

While the tide would eventually turn, an American victory seemed impossible in 1776, but the tenacity of Washington and his rag tag band of rebels would change the course of history - and the world itself - forever.

This tour is a limited edition until the end of 2022.